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About The Opportunity News & TV

The Opportunity News & TV is a weekly, continental digital newspaper with hard prints that circulates in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. It is an integrated, comprehensive and authoritative publication that provides accurate, well-researched continental news with focus on business opportunities, education, healthcare, agriculture, innovation, features and analysis, which are of direct concern to decision makers, professionals and the business community with no political and religious affiliation. The Opportunity News & TV is a publication of the Kesmonds Group of companies with branches in Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. The Opportunity Africa media department is into four divisions; Newspaper, Digital, Broadcasting and Courier.

This company has shareholders from Cameroon, China, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria and USA. The Opportunity News & TV is one of the largest apolitical weekly business newspaper in the continent focus youth empowerment, development, education, entrepreneurial exposure and employment. The Opportunity News & TV operates with country offices in Bamenda Cameroon, Nairobi-Thika highway Kenya, Mogadishu Somalia and Arua-Uganda. The Opportunity News & TV has been a key marketing and advertising medium for the youth entrepreneurial projects in search of sponsors for generations of business people thus an effective and affordable solution to reach your intended customers. The social, economic and cultural similarity of the African people, rapid growing innovative youth population and the void for one medium that addresses the major issues has given birth to The Opportunity News & TV. The reading package is complete, embracing all corners of the region. The Opportunity News & TV is the most authoritative and influential business publication. Read by an audience of over 100,000 people, it is famous for its objective, factual writing, rather than for emotive journalism.


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