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Building Green Africa, Bridging the Energy Gap

[Africa, June 10, 2021] Hosted by Informatech and co-hosted by Huawei, the Green ICT Webinar was successfully held. The theme of this online webinar is “Building Green Africa, Bridging the Energy Gap”. Experts from all over the world share their experiences and explore how to use technological innovations to help the world’s major economies effectively realize carbon neutrality.
Carbon neutrality is a very important topic for our planet today, and it represents a common goal for all mankind. 28 countries around the world have officially committed to carbon neutrality targets.
There are still great challenges on the way to achieve this target. First, fossil energy accounts for more than 70% of power production. We need to increase the proportion of clean energy, such as solar energy, to reduce carbon emissions in power generation. Second, with the rapid development of the intelligent world, the power consumed by global data centers and sites will reach 1,600 billion kilowatt-hour by 2025. The intelligent world is benefiting our mankind, but at the cost of massive power consumption. Finding ways to build a greener intelligent world is an important mission for us. In another way, 800 million people around the world are still without electricity, and the lack of energy prevents them from enjoying the benefits of the digital world.
“At the heart of carbon neutrality, there are three important paths forward: low-carbon energy, electrification, and intelligent energy management”, said James LI, Member of the Supervisory Board at Huawei, and the President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service at Huawei Digital Power. He pointed out that “Specifically, we need to increase the generation of green energy, improve the power efficiency of all industries, develop supportive policies, and reduce OPEX by reducing emissions. We would like to propose a digital energy target network to help pave the way for a green, low-carbon Africa. The essence of digital power is integrating cloud, AI, and bit technology with power generation, thermal, and energy storage technology. We are ready and willing to provide our full support for building a green Africa and bridging the energy gap”.
Major operators around the world are taking aggressive action for carbon neutrality. For example, Orange has committed to 50% renewable energy use by 2025 and carbon neutrality by 2040.
Nat-Sy Missamou, Senior Vice President Orange Energy emphasis that “Digital is a powerful tool to improve inclusion in a society. We want to use digital technology to reduce energy access inequalities and impact population’s daily life. How can telco companies become strategic partners to energy producers in the reduction ofbarriers to energy access in sub-Saharan Africa? Orange believe that investing in digital solutions to reduce inequalities on the ground is very important. Access to energy is a key challenge that can accelerate the economic development of an entire region. It is important to gather efforts of every stakeholders to achieve this goal. Telcos can play a critical role, as partners to energy producers. Digital transformation and the application of more green energy not only help Africa’s economy, but also bring excellent environmental benefits and improvement of the living environment for African.“
Innovative technologies accelerate the development of the digital world, bring new ideas, models and practices to all industries, and also change the way people live. Huawei innovative digital power solutions will create values not only for commercial success, but also for green sustainable development. Huawei is committed to Building Green Africa, Bridging the Energy Gap. Through zero-carbon sites, zero-carbon data centers, and smart PV solutions and so on, we will build green, connected and intelligent Africa together.


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