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Show Your Spirit Of Pan Africanism


Gross indebtedness will continue to cripple the development and transformation of our societies. We ought to resist and change such charity paradigms; aid is not a relief; it does not offset a crisis but rather can scale down a chronic manifesting temporarily. Such paradigms will always climax by perpetuating over-dependence, this is another malaise and syndrome which has victimized many households entangling them in a vicious cycle of poverty.
Over dependence is a cognitive syndrome, a malaise, an expression of prematurity and lack of self-drive to pursue self-reliance and autonomy. It has continued to cripple our generation in all spheres of life. The power of over dependence is expressed at different levels including; societal, regional, continental and global levels. Despite the increasing levels of over- dependence in our households as unleashed by the statistical trends, l draw my focus on the impact of over-dependence at societal level. It’s quite evident that societies have been ruined, grappled, devastated and consumed in fear of confronting their oppressors in broad daylight. People are subjected to systems that degrade their sense of freedom and proclamation of independence and some are currently on verge of annihilation. They have constantly been conditioned by their perpetrators and chauvinists to endorse their inhuman autocratic enactments that hold societies back into dependence, because this is what recycles controversial systems of chauvinists and sustains their power and authority. Unfortunately, individuals are undermining their innate potential to create systems that can help them break the chain to achieve independence. It’s alleged by sociologists, economists and many other prominent researchers from diverse fields that dependence systems are more pronounced when public institutions lack effective measures, policies and standards to regulate and control the policy interventions of the agents of exploitation, some of them accept bribes and submit to the ego motives of the oppressors owing to their corruptible nature. Though a predominant number of activists, patriots and private local institutions attempt to aggravate their efforts to establish mechanisms to defy the standards of the enemy interlocking our societies under dependence, this has always been futile. The soaring expression of denial of the victimized societal dwellers the opportunity to claim for their inalienable rights to seek justice, autonomy and independence is a fundamental flaw to the evolution of our societies.
Let me divulge something, the oppressor’s machinery keeping us in a state of dependence are affluent, they use money to impose their influence over us, you may concur with it or not but the reality is that these people control over 99% of our lives, they often take advantage of their financial capacity to install and uninstall what we claim to be our institutions. More so, they can compromise our security systems and fracture our societies at astronomical speed. We have always manifested our in competencies to overcome our rivals, we have got the educational training and the best foreign experience, we would appear to be laughable subjects if we went on to sympathize with ourselves, it would totally sound irrelevant, unprofessional and unethical. Ideally, our response now would be adhering to this duality of experience to embark on pursuing the financial imprints and revolutionary business trends of our oppressors. I underscore that we need to learn from all dimensions of the prevalent state and drive ourselves into a new era of creative thinking, critical observation, innovation, implementation, dynamic change and self-reliance. Wouldn’t it be wise if each one of us keeps on track and continues to grow our optimism, investing in business ought to be a fulcrum to help us achieve it. If we start investing today, tomorrow, we shall have gained the momentum to delink and fall apart from our perpetrators. With booming and economically smart investment, we shall be enroute to realizing self-reliance and autonomy. Ultimately, we shall have healed the scars engraved to our hearts by the systems perpetuating over-dependence in our societies.
Smart business investment would be pivotal in offsetting our prevalent financial crisis and help remedy most of our gross challenges confining us under dependence systems.
Take a small loan today, start a small business firm, repay the loan, maintain the network, change your life, establish yourself free from oppressors, grow your business and help your community reduce dependence levels.
By: Robert Ssekolya