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The Latest Dyson Model Is Its Best Vacuum Yet

Today marks the launch of a new Dyson vacuum: The V15 Detect. At first glance, it looks very similar to the brand’s mega popular V8 Absolute and V11 Animal vacuums, but there are actually a ton of unique features that set it apart from past Dyson models.

The latest Dyson model, V15 Detect (a reference to its built-in laser technology), is designed to help you spot small dirt and dust particles you might otherwise miss. As you clean, the vacuum’s cleaner head projects a green light on the floor in front of the vacuum to illuminate hidden dust and crumbs.

And if you’ve ever wondered what, exactly, your vacuum sucked up during your weekly floor cleaning sesh, the V15 Detect can help with that. It has a special built-in particle sensor that counts each particle the vacuum collects and categorizes them by size. Once you’re done vacuuming, the LCD screen displays a count of all the particles the machine picked up, organized by size. In other words, you can see exactly how much cleaner your floors are as a result of your efforts.

New Dyson vacuum

Dyson V15 Detect


The particle sensor also helps you clean more efficiently. When it senses larger particles (think: spilled Rice Krispies), it automatically tells the motor to increase its suction, so you don’t have to do multiple passes over the same spot.

Dyson also created two new heads for the V15 Detect—the anti-tangle Hair Screw and the anti-tangle High Torque cleaner head—to solve the issue of hair and debris getting stuck around the cleaner head’s bristles. The two attachments are especially game-changing for pet owners who need a vacuum that can pick up hair and fur without clogging. Like previous models, the new Dyson vacuum has an easy-to-empty bin that allows you to dump its contents directly into the trash when you’re done. It also comes with a detachable battery so if you buy a backup, you won’t have to worry about charging as often.

The only aspect of this vacuum we’re not totally sold on is the $700 price tag, which feels a little steep. That said, it could be totally worth it if you’re someone who’s passionate about ensuring that your floors are completely spotless. And if you’re not, there are a bunch of other less expensive Dyson models for you to choose from.

Source : Fkara Cuzzone Forbes Staff      Forbes