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Help To Develop A Cloud Based Application For E- Consultation -Telemedicine For Native Cameroonian Patients

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Organization: UNV – United Nations Volunteers

Location: Cameroon (Cameroon)

Grade: Consultant – Contractors Agreement – Consultancy

Occupational Groups:

Information Technology and Computer Science

Closing Date: 2021-12-14


Mission and objectives

CAMAAY is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit association. CAMAAY envisions a society wherein every individual has the opportunity to grow and contribute to the socioeconomic development of the community. We endeavour to achieve our goals through activities that promote sustainable community development in Cameroon. These activities involve strong participation from local community members with the guidance and valuable assistance of CAMAAY and its volunteers. We, the members of the members of Cameroon Association of Active Youths (CAMAAY), a non-profit association, commit ourselves to work in the interest of humanity without distinction as to race, sex or religious background with due respect to the law. We pledge to work closely with other associations, foreign representatives/institutions, NGOs and the Cameroon Government in promoting the principles and practices of quality agriculture, education, healthcare, sports, social well-being and environmental protection. We agree to join forces in the attainment of the United Nations objective in making the world a better place in which to live, with sufficient food and conducive environments. We therefore commit ourselves to achieving our objectives through our activities and the implementation of policies consistent with our objectives. We agree to work with respect to the laws governing the functioning of associations. We believe that: 1) Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. 2) Agriculture is top among our efforts in the fight against poverty, which is a global challenge 3) 80% of our people still live in rural areas and solely depend on agriculture for survival. 4) Our environment is and will remain the only natural habitation for humanity and if care is not taken mankind will be eliminated from his environment. 5) Health is the basic requirement for a productive and progressive community and can only be achieved through what people eat, the environment in which they live and mental well-being. 6)


Context Cameroon is experiencing a shortage crisis in human resources for health. There are approximately 1.1 physicians and 7.8 nurses and midwives per 10,000 population (WHO AHWO Cameroon Fact Sheet, 2010). Some of the major Healthcare Human Resource (HRH) challenges faced by Cameroon in the past decade include:  Inequitable geographic distribution of health workers, where rural areas and the regions of the Nord, Adamaoua, Sud have the fewest health workers.  An aging public sector health workforce (66% of total HRH, 2011 HRH Census), with 53% of health workers aged 40-51 and 31% over age 51 in a sector where retirement age is between 50 and 55. It is estimated that 15% of current public sector health workers were lost to retirement between 2010-2012  Lack of regulations and lack of an on-going accreditation system for HRH education and training.  Limited HRH production planning and recruitment, including problems resulting from the centralisation of recruitment and posting, lack of task planning, poor organisation of duty, evaluation, incentive, and lack of project management. With such severe degree of paucity in the healthcare workforce the local population of Cameroon are marginalised and denied one of the most basic fundamental needs i.e. access to healthcare. We at CAMMAY believe that the advent of telemedicine in Cameroon will make bring a positive change in the community.

Task description

The task involves developing a cloud based application for e-consultation (telemedicine) wherein the native Cameroon patients will be able to connect with physicians across the globe for tele-consultations, all the patient information will be stored in secured cloud servers which can be accessed by the patients and the concerned patients adhering strictly to the patient-doctor confidentiality protocols.



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