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Why Western education cannot save African nations

TODAY, after 61 years of independent existence, Nigeria is best described as a failing nation, a nation incapable of solving any problem, a nation without a direction.

Nigerian federal, state and local governments cannot pay salaries as when due. Nigerians are hungry. The nation is confronted by mass unemployment, poverty, civil strife in all regions.

Virtually all Nigerian youths would rather leave Nigeria to any other nation and never return if they have the opportunity to do so. The nation produces only agricultural goods; the nation does not produce manufactured goods; productivity is very low. Why is that the situation in Nigeria?

If wisdom had characterised Nigeria’s development endeavour, at Independence on October 1, 1960, and thereafter, Nigerians would have asked many questions to start with. Some of the questions would have been:  Who are Nigerians and other people of the Black race? Why independence on October 1, 1960? How do donations develop, what is the experience of other more scientifically-advanced and productive nations?